Why I’m Unique

Getting hooked

I saw a storyteller perform in 1989. Afterward, I went up to her and said, “I loved your show and I think I’d like to tell stories too!” She suggested I try telling a few stories in a safe place and see how it worked.

I appreciated her encouragement because that is exactly what I did. I learned a couple of stories and told them in my son’s kindergarten class. Wow! The reaction of the students and the teacher inspired me. I was hooked!

Going for it

After several years of storytelling for fun (yes, that means no fee), and after many encouraging comments from teachers, librarians and the media, I decided to make storytelling a career. It was quite a change from my thirteen years working in a corporation. Hey, if life doesn’t offer opportunities for change, then what’s it all worth, right? I simply decided to “go for it” and I devoted myself to the world of Story.

I tell my stories passionately, jumping in with both feet, all heart, and unstoppable energy. I have loved every moment! Sharing stories with children, teens and adults has provided a natural high for me.

Loving every minute

Storytelling is an amazing profession. As a storyteller, I enjoy thinking outside the box to create new stories out of old ones. I love twisting familiar tales. And I enjoy the challenge of creating new stories based on my own experiences. I also love seeing my audiences laugh, relive a memory, and/or think deeply about a memory. The power of Story is truly incredible.
Storytelling has taken me from preschools through colleges and to festivals all over the United States and to South Africa, Egypt, and Greece. I have told stories and presented workshops for college orientations, corporate retreats, and law schools. It has been a fun ride!

I’m proud of my work and I love the wonderful feedback I have received. Here are a couple of my favorites:

From a PTA coordinator: “My own children had a great time, and my fifth grader reports that my status has been elevated to “cool mom” for scheduling you. The praise doesn’t get any higher than that!”

From a principal: “It was the best educational assembly I’ve ever witnessed!”

From a festival organizer: “Thank you for telling an important story, for allowing us to laugh, to moan, and most importantly to feel.”

There are no limits

Story lets us soar high into our imaginations and deep down into our psyche. There are no limits … no walls … no ceilings. That’s what I love about it! A few years ago, I went scuba diving – with sharks no less! Well, why not? I’ve never been one to turn down an opportunity to experience a new Story.

Another thrill was paragliding in Alaska. I still can’t believe I jumped off a mountain with only a parachute (and an experienced pilot – very important!). We floated over the tundra for 40 minutes. Well, I figured if I could enjoy flying with Story, I should try flying through the sky.

Plus, I never know who I am going to meet!

I met YoYo Ma in 2010 when auditioning for a performance with the Chicago Symphony. I didn’t get the job, but he was wonderful!

And when I’m not telling stories?