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Linda Gorham, Storyteller
PO Box 5368
Cary NC 27512


My Audiences

I tell stories for all ages – preschool students to adults. The range is challenging, but also invigorating. For me, there is never a dull moment.

Is This You?

Are you a teacher, principal or assembly coordinator in an elementary, middle school or high school? Do you want to:

  • Provide assembly programs that inspire, excite and involve your students?
  • Include interactive multicultural programs at your school?
  • Highlight character traits such as respect, caring and responsibility through story?
  • Teach students about important African American icons?

Are you a festival organizer, college program manager or an adult program coordinator? Do you want to:

  • Include an engaging, crowd-pleasing storyteller?
  • Present stories full of learning, history and humor?

Are you a preschool teacher looking for an experience that goes beyond “story time?” Do you want to:

  • Introduce books to your students through storytelling?
  • See pre-school age students in rapt attention for 40 minutes?


“Thank you for your awesome performances at our school and our library! I am impressed with your ability to reach out to such a mixed audience – children, teens, adults and seniors. I look forward to seeing you perform again!” – L. Cervone, Alpha Park Library, Illinois