Linda Gorham, StorytellerLinda Gorham tells stories! She has engaged international audiences of all ages with interactive global folktales, distinctive Greek myths, and notably twisted fairy tales for over 30 years. Each performance is infused with Linda’s unconventional humor and her signature ‘sophisticated attitude’.

“Linda can rivet people of all walks of life with tales from all over the world. To some, Gorham is a hip, here-and-now, modern day griot.” – Chicago Tribune

Additional programs showcase Linda’s extensive research and personal insight into the African American experience. Titles include:

• African American Heroes and Sheroes
• Black Music’s Impact on America
The Little Rock Nine
A Celebration of Loving Day

To round out her repertoire, Linda shares personal and family stories she learned while sitting on (and sticking to) her grandmother’s plastic covered couch, listening to her military father’s mantra, “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance,” and following her mother’s quirky advice, “The secret to a long marriage? Long hair and soft feet!”

Storytelling was not Linda’s first career. She enjoyed her corporate years in the Actuarial, Human Resources, Training, and Public Affairs Departments for Prudential Insurance Company’s Home Office. She also co-authored Quality Angles & The Tantalus Complex, a book that gives unique perspectives on balance and performance in a business environment.

But Linda had a creative side that ‘yearned to breathe free,’ so she left corporate life and started her own storytelling business. It was different, a little scary, but a risk she could not ignore as Storytelling gives her an opportunity to expose audiences of all ages to different cultures, teach without preaching, spread the love of books and learning, and travel internationally.

Linda has performed with the North Carolina Symphony, at the National Storytelling Festival, at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival and at many other adult storytelling festivals around the country. She co-chaired the National Storytelling Conference and the National Association of Black Storytellers Festival & Conference.

Her CDs have won many awards, and her special honors include the Distinguished National Service Award from the National Storytelling Network and the Linda Jenkins Brown Nia Award for Service from the National Association of Black Storytellers.

Linda was on the 6 o’clock news in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

“Stories, whether family, folk, twisted or true, remind us that embellished is acceptable, simple is complex, and the joy of sharing is priceless. Share some love. Tell someone a story.”
– Linda Gorham’s quote on the Wall of Storytelling Faces and Voices at the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, Tennessee.