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Jumping on Grandma’s Plastic Covered Couch

jumpingcdcoverA revealing look at the poignant, quirky and often unpredictable world of family, love and self-identity.

2016 Storytelling World Winner



Common Sense and Uncommon Fun!


This CD is great for parents, teachers and schools seeking to emphasize important character traits such as respect for others, caring for our environment, using common sense, and more. Truly, this is “teaching without preaching!”

  • 2005 Storytelling World Honor
  • 2004 Parents’ Choice Award
  • 2004 iParenting Media Award
  • 2004 NAPPA National Parenting Publications Award


“My twelve year old daughter LOVED your CD. She was giggling in bed last night as she listened to it.” – Marty Monical, Television Producer

“These adapted traditional folktales (and one of Gorham’s original stories) all have a delightful thread of tongue-in-cheek humor running parallel with messages about logic and behavior…Gorham’s voice provides a calm and soothing element to the stories.” – Parents’ Choice

“I am a Special Education Teacher with Chicago Public Schools. I bought your CD and listened to it with my children and shared it with my classroom. I took over an intermediate level Special Ed. classroom when the MANY behavior issues sent the regular teacher out on an early maternity leave. Since listening to your folktales and discussing their meaning and discussing the thoughts of the students after listening, I HAVE A CHANGED CLASS!!! The number one behavior problem student is now the biggest advocate for making good decisions and promoting other to do the same. I pray that your words will continue to ignite right thinking and better behavior for my students, because the change in and outside the classroom has been remarkable. Please let me know if you have other CD’s. I would love to purchase them. Thank you so much and may God continue to Bless you with your wonderful gift of storytelling!” – Doreen Beyah

“Linda, I’m so proud of you, girl! The CD is fresh, engaging, and allows for uninhibited participation from wherever you are. Plus it has wonderful messages that all children (and adults as well) should give serious consideration to, but it is not ‘preachy’ in its approach. Your CD is also full of images and recollections that listeners – cross culturally – will be able to connect with. The story about Samuel, Horaldo, Jonathan, Drew had my nieces cracking up and going UGH every time there was mention of the ‘distinctive’ taste combinations. And of course, wasn’t that the intention? It’s a delightful work.” – Mama Edie Armstrong, Storyteller