Free Articles about Storytelling by Linda Gorham

Welcome to my articles page! Want to know about marketing? Setting up a booth at performance showcases? Dealing with performance nightmares (oh yes, even experienced tellers make HUGE mistakes)? How about taking a look at storytelling as a business (It “ain’t just stories” you know!) And check out my contributions to two books, Telling Stories to Children and Quality Angles.

The Delight and Dilemma of Storytelling
Storytelling Magazine
Storytelling is delightful! But it has its challenges. Want to know a few?

Performance Nightmares
Storyline, the newsletter of the Storytelling Association of California
Northlands Storytelling Network Journal
North Carolina Storytelling Guild
No matter how experienced storytellers are, and no matter how many questions we ask, things still go wrong. Thanks to the members of the Fox Valley Storytelling Guild for their input into this article.

I Know I’m Good. You Need to Know Too. . .Now Hire Me!
Northlands Storytelling Network Journal
This article is the outgrowth of my marketing workshop with the same name. We could also call this “Marketing 101.”

Pinocchio’s Nose Grows
Northlands Storytelling Network Journal
The temptation to exaggerate our experiences and qualifications occurs in every field – yes, even in the storytelling world. We too, could use a truth in advertising reality check.

Proper Prior Planning
Telling Stories to Children edited by Betty Lehman, National Storytelling Network
This article was written as part of a collaborative project by the National Storytelling Network. Twenty-six storytellers contributed articles for the book.

How To: Tell a Story
Chicago Tribune
The Chicago Tribune published a year-long “How To” article each Sunday during 2005. My contribution was, what else, “How to Tell a Story.”

Storytelling as a Business! It Ain’t Just Story!
League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling Museletter
Ahhhh, running a storytelling business looks sooooooo easy; simply learn a few stories and go out and tell them. Well, surprise! It’s not that easy and it surely is not simple!

A Fantastic Marketing Tool – Showcases
Northlands Storytelling Network Journal
Participating in performer showcases is an excellent way to get exposure. Here’s a soup-to-nuts look at the process.

Angle Views
Quality Angles and the “Tantalus” Complex
I was asked to contribute to this book spearheaded by Rick Griggs of Griggs Achievement. Published in 1994, Quality Angles and the “Tantalus” Complex explores unique prospectives on balance and performance. I wrote twenty-three “angle views.” Each showcased amazing people in unusual professions. A few excerpts are included.